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San Juan Fiberglass Pools
Manufacturer and Exporters Since 1958

Fiberglass Pools and Spas by San Juan are the best inground fiberglass pools in the world. These high-quality fiberglass pools and spas are in a league of their own, providing the buying public with the greatest value, quality and a predictable fiberglass pool cost.

We can custom build for you the largest fiberglass pool available or the custom shaped fiberglass spa of your dreams!


With San Juan Pools there's never any room for compromise on quality. All San Juan fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict supervision, resulting in a predictable high-quality product.

"An unyielding commitment to quality has been San Juan's stock in trade ever since we produced our first fiberglass pool back in 1958; As a matter of fact, our first pool is still in use, looking as good today as the day it left the factory. It's a monument to the enduring quality of our product,"

-Kirk Sullivan, President of Lakeland, Florida-based San Juan Fiberglass Pools.

With a San Juan Fiberglass Swimming Pool, "getting away from it all" can be as easy as walking out your back door! We at San Juan Pools have over 90 different sizes, shapes and styles of fiberglass swimming pools to choose from. Our innovative in-ground pools feature steps and seating, spas and vanishing edges, even tanning ledges! All pools are available with optional jets for therapeutic massage built right in. We tailor the fiberglass pool to your needs.

Fiberglass pools feature a durable, satin-smooth, stain-resistant finish. This means they are much easier to maintain and use substantially fewer chemicals than other types of pools. Your fiberglass pool will never need to be acid washed or resurfaced, saving you significant money both long term and short term. Let San Juan Fiberglass Pools help you bring your backyard design to life and bring your dreams to reality.

SAN JUAN POOLS is a HIGH DESIGN COMPANY. Driven by designers/artists Todd and Kirk Sullivan, San Juan Pools creates incredible backyard Swimming pool environments that are designed and created specifically to serve your needs and desires.

We use unique, high-quality materials, which lead to high performance, high design and high enjoyment. The Sullivans' extensive experience in fiberglass pool manufacturing, design and construction culminate in providing you with a one of a kind custom designed fiberglass swimming pool and backyard environment that is well thought out, utilitarian, and ultimately "very cool"! As you explore our web site, see for yourself the advantages of owning a San Juan Fiberglass Swimming Pool built by San Juan pools and design. See how it can be an excellent investment for your family and your home.

Let San Juan fiberglass pools be your builder.

Call San Juan Pools today at 800-535-7946 for your FREE

in-home Backyard Swimming Pool Environment Design Session and Estimate!

San Juan Fiberglass Pools manufactured in Florida, Indiana and Arizona build the world's best pools. San Juan fiberglass pool cost are competitive to that of concrete and vinyl liner pools, but the fiberglass pools out preforms and outlast the Concrete pool and Vinyl liner pool by many years. San Juan fiberglass pool cost and price list for both DIY kits and installed extra large fiberglass pools or for tight yards, extra small fiberglass pools are available upon request call today for fiberglass pool cost.

San Juan Fiberglass pools manufacturers the best fiberglass inground pools. We are the company who offers fiberglass swimming pools for sale to dealers and contractors and San Juan pools is proud to be recognized as the first company to manufacture fiberglass pools in the United States. Whether you want an above ground swimming pool or an inground swimming pool or a fiberglass spa or hot tub, San Juan pools and is your source for sanjuanpools dealer/builder and is the place to go to build your perfect backyard pool environment!

San Juan also will be happy to give swimming pool quotes to those who want a turnkey fiberglass pool and backyard design and installation. After all, that' s what San Juan does best. We build fiberglass Swimming pool backyard environments for you. That way you do not have to do any work. Every project we build is a little piece of pool paradise!

No matter what type of swimming pool you desire, San Juan has the pool for you: fiberglass swim spa, fiberglass swim lane, small fiberglass, free form fiberglass pool, medium sized, large fiberglass pool or extra-large fiberglass pool. San Juan is here to help you build the high quality well designed backyard environment you have always dreamed of. Take a look around and do your due diligence! Buying a backyard fiberglass inground pool should never be taken lightly. Fiberglass inground pools are popular all over the united states and there are many builders to choose from. Make sure you are confident in your swimming pool builder or contractor and make sure you choose a licensed pool and spa contractor when you decide to start building.

If you need help when deciding which Fiberglass Inground Pool dealer you would like to use please feel free to look to San Juan Pools independent dealers for the best prices. Let San Juan Pools build you a beautiful pool. Please give us a call today at 800-535-7946.

Todd and Kirk Sullivan and all of the staff here at San Juan Pools are waiting to hear from you.

Fiberglass Pools and spas by San Juan Fiberglass Pools and Spas are the best Inground fiberglass pools in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT),and Rhode Island (RI). Fiberglass Pools and spas are the best above ground fiberglass pools in Ohio (OH), Georgia (GA), Delaware (DE), Tennessee (TN), and Vermont (VT). Fiberglass Pools and spas are the best small fiberglass pools in Florida (FL), North Carolina (NC), Georgia (GA), and Virginia (VA).

High-quality fiberglass pools and spas by San Juan Pools are in a league of their own when it comes to providing the buying public with value, quality and a predictable fiberglass pool cost.

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Concrete Cantilevered Coping vs Stone Coping on Fiberglass Pools
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16′x45′ fiberglass pools timelaps installation in 12 days with 9′ spa by San Juan Fiberglass Pools
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Fiberglass pools above ground installation rock deck
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Float Tank manufacturer San Juan Pools will be on display at the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine convention Dec 13-15th in Las Vegas
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Underwater treadmill fiberglass swimming pool from San Juan Pools Hydro-Tread
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San Juan Float-es Epsom Salt Float Tank on display at the Pool Spa Patio show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas
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San Juan fiberglass pools is displaying the Float Epsom Salt float tank at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nov 12-14th at the international pool and spa convention
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Rooftop pool installation of a Kokomo 11′x29′ San Juan Fiberglass Pool
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San Juan crystal springs 12′x17′ small fiberglass pool
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Desert Springs 14′x30′x6′ fiberglass pool from San Juan Pools
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San Juan Fiberglass Pool’s Monte Carlo 16′x32′x5’8″ one piece fiberglass pool installed with a vanishing edge
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Above Ground Rooftop installation of a San Juan fiberglass pool Kokomo 11′x28′x4′ fiberglass pool and spa
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Caesars Palace 16′x34′ fiberglass pool spa combination from San Juan Fiberglass Pools
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Ashkahn Jahromi and Graham Talley of Float On in Portland Oregon test floating in the new San Juan Pools FloatES sensory deprivation float tank
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San Juan Fiberglass Pools and Spa feature the all glass tile Grande 8′ octagon spa
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San Juan’s Monte Carlo 16′x32′ fiberglass pool installed with beautiful pool deck and landscaping
Tuesday, August 06, 2013
San Juan offers a new fiberglass pool called the Ottawa 16′x36′x4’9″
Thursday, July 25, 2013
San Juan’s new one piece fiberglass 12′x28′ twin touch screen direct drive stainless steel treadmill physical therapy exercise pool
Tuesday, July 16, 2013
New San Juan Sedona model above ground fiberglass pool
Monday, July 08, 2013
New shipment of 5 14′x30′ San Juan Desert Springs fiberglass pools
Friday, July 05, 2013
San Juan fiberglass Luxor pool & Sarasota spa
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Beach entry San Juan fiberglass pool
Friday, June 14, 2013
Yes fiberglass pools do float

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Why are Fiberglass Pools Suddenly So Popular?

by Frank Kearney of Able Installations fiberglass pools Wilmington North Carolina NC ableok blog

Willie Nelson, one of the greatest songwriters of the era, and a personal favorite, wrote a great song in the 60's - "Funny How Time Slips Away". There was a time when the fiberglass pool was considered "experimental", and "second best" - a big bathtub. Most times we couldn't give them away - now we can't build them fast enough. A lot of time has slipped away, and there has never been a better time to invest in a fiberglass pool. What happened?

A number of things have made fiberglass pools one of the fastest growing sectors of the swimming pool community, and they fuel its continued move to being an Industry favorite. Here is a brief run down of why the fiberglass pool growth has been so explosive.

Fiberglass Pool Installation is Very Quick

- When I am asked, as usually happens, how long to build a fiberglass pool, I tell customers it will take four to six weeks. But we have built them in as little as three weeks. When the inspections, and the weather work together, we can be in and out of your back yard, and you will be ready to swim, in record time. A comparable sized concrete pool will take three months, and often much longer. Advantage Fiberglass.

Fiberglass Pools Come In Many Styles and Sizes

- It used to be that you could have a rectangular pool, or a not quite so rectangular pool, and that as about it. San Juan Fiberglass Pools, our fiberglass pool of choice, now has almost 80 different sizes and shapes, from rectangles to Tiffany styes, built in hot tubs and beautifully curved landscape pools and infinity edge pools - the best selection available anywhere. No longer do pool customers have to "settle" for whatever they can get. The choice has never been as large and new models are added regularly, and the color choices are stunning.

Fiberglass Technology Make the Strongest Pool Ever

- there was a time when fiberglass was considered a difficult material with lots of fabrication issues. In the past twenty years, thye industry, often led by San Juan Fiberglass Pools, has completely redesigned the way fiberglass and resins are combined to build your pool. San Juan Pools, in particular, still manufacturers their fiberglass pools by laying each piece of fiberglass by hand, and carefully laying out the design using resins that are considerably more expensive, and ensure your fiberglass pool will look as good in fifty years tinme as it does when we first install it for you. There will never be liners to change, and never cracking of the concrete, requiring expensive repairs. Today's fiberglass pools are tough, resiliant, flexible and so smooth that algae can't even stick to its sides. No rough plaster and concrete to tear up swimmers' feet - just smooth fiberglass and gelcoat, and the durability of granite.

The Least Maintenance of Any Swimming Pool

- This has to be one of my favorites. Because fiberglass is so smooth, chemical requirements are reduced, algae won't stick to the walls, and dirt that settles to the bottom is slowly eased toward the main drains where it is easily removed, or just runs through the filter. In fact, we build all our fiberglass pools with a salt water system, and if you include a system to control PH, and an automatic pool cleaner, you will be very close to owning a "maintenance free" swimming pool.

These reasons, among others, help explain why fiberglass pools are so popular, and demand continues to rise. Fiberglass pools are economically sensible, and because they are so easy to maintain, bring a lot of fun and family enjoyment to your summers, and a lot less worry about what has to be done.

So if you are thinking about diving into a fiberglass pool, please give us a call 1-800-535-7946 to discuss your needs, or download our Free Buyer's Guide to help your research. There is still time to get your project finished for the summer's enjoyment, but remember our friend Willie - time is slipping away.... and there will never be a better time.

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